Monday, September 13, 2010

Keeping it Weird in Portland

goodbye Oakland!

mt. shasta

mt. shasta, rest stop

filling up at a station in who-knows-where Oregon!

here we are!

We made it to Portland, OR!

We left Oakland, CA on Thursday in our 14' Uhaul towing the car, arrived in Medford, OR that evening. Hit the road again on Friday and arrived by 2pm in Portland. Our new place is great, considering that we hadn't physically seen it nor did we have much knowledge about the neighborhood we were moving to. Thankfully, it all worked out great. It's very quiet, lots of trees, squirrels and much to my dismay... spiders. I have a huge fear of spiders and so it's been a bit unsettling seeing so many creepy crawlers lurking outside, in doorways and even on the walls! ahhh! To make matters worse I hate killing bugs so I'm conflicted, very conflicted.

Also, today was my first day at work. I'm pretty tired, not from work load, just mental exhaustion. Let's just refer to the paragraph above... we got here on Friday and I started work TODAY. So, we are still unpacking and living among boxes but I already feel happier up here.
It's going to take some time to get to know our neighborhood and the city of Portland in general but I really can say that I feel a greater sense of mental peace being here.
I'm pretty sure work will be fine, it's just a matter of getting back into the regular work week routine and getting a better feel for the personalities I work with and how the office runs in general.

Now, I must go unpack some boxes.