Thursday, June 24, 2010


I recently requested and received an invitation to join Pinterest.
I love it when I'm sitting around thinking "man, you know what would be a great idea..." and then I do a little bit of digging and BAM somebody already thought of it. That's what Pinterest is for me, a BAM idea.

I was really wanting a site that I could just gather imagery that I liked, design, photography, whatever. Sort of like a virtual cork board... because my real cork board is full.

So I started a board, called Doodle Draw Drool. I've just made a start with it, I can imagine this is going to get out of control and I will probably have to form multiple boards to house my various likes.

Monday, June 21, 2010

seasons greetings?

Well, not quite. I mean, I guess in the stationery/card business it's that time of the year!
Which leads me to some self promo...

I have entered a design to the holiday card design challenge. My theme is "Retro Winter Wonderland". A more modern approach to the holiday season with the red/blue color palette and geometric graphics.

The great news is that my design made it through Round 1 of voting, now I need votes again to place in the Finals!! I would absolutely love to see my design being used by others for their holiday cards. Please, if you have a moment, vote for my design at!

p.s-- I have no idea who that family is or what their real names are... it was a provided photo for the competition! :)