Sunday, November 7, 2010


how do you solve a problem like maria?

I remember when I was younger and grown-ups would say things alluding to the idea that I should really be enjoying this time in my life because being an adult, for the most part, sucks. And then, I would roll my eyes and think "no way, not me, when I'm adult things are going to rock... everything will be better".

I find myself longing for my childhood again. For freedom and time.

Work is consuming. Surviving has become consuming. It's a daily struggle to find that imagination and motivation that fueled much of my youth and young adult-hood.

I'm at war with my mind. I'm distracted.

Sunday, October 10, 2010


Please take a moment to read the blog post below by my friend Christine, a fellow artist.
A very good cause to help a little boy.

christine mercer-vernon: WHEN I GROW UP... auction for Caiden Hammond: "when i grow up | 20x16 inch | watercolor on clayboard Click Here to Bid(this auction ends at 9pm EST Thursday October 14th) I am auctio..."

Monday, September 13, 2010

Keeping it Weird in Portland

goodbye Oakland!

mt. shasta

mt. shasta, rest stop

filling up at a station in who-knows-where Oregon!

here we are!

We made it to Portland, OR!

We left Oakland, CA on Thursday in our 14' Uhaul towing the car, arrived in Medford, OR that evening. Hit the road again on Friday and arrived by 2pm in Portland. Our new place is great, considering that we hadn't physically seen it nor did we have much knowledge about the neighborhood we were moving to. Thankfully, it all worked out great. It's very quiet, lots of trees, squirrels and much to my dismay... spiders. I have a huge fear of spiders and so it's been a bit unsettling seeing so many creepy crawlers lurking outside, in doorways and even on the walls! ahhh! To make matters worse I hate killing bugs so I'm conflicted, very conflicted.

Also, today was my first day at work. I'm pretty tired, not from work load, just mental exhaustion. Let's just refer to the paragraph above... we got here on Friday and I started work TODAY. So, we are still unpacking and living among boxes but I already feel happier up here.
It's going to take some time to get to know our neighborhood and the city of Portland in general but I really can say that I feel a greater sense of mental peace being here.
I'm pretty sure work will be fine, it's just a matter of getting back into the regular work week routine and getting a better feel for the personalities I work with and how the office runs in general.

Now, I must go unpack some boxes.

Tuesday, August 31, 2010

School's Out FOREVER!

It's back to school time... but not for me. Oh sweet relief!
After 3 degrees (yes, including high school) and 1 certificate program I can safely say that I've had my fill of schooling... in the academic realm.

These stamps and postcards designed by RISD grad Heather K. Phillips made me laugh. I think these could be very useful tools for those instructors who tend to say everything except what they should be saying to students about their work.

Available for purchase, here.

Thursday, August 26, 2010

and the winner is...

Not us.

Just visited the Mohawk site today and found that our Pirate Posters are finalists in the Mohawk Show 11. I think the final judging has happened and there is a winner but, what is that they say, I'm just happy to have been nominated!

That was a really fun project with a great group of people... ahhh memories.

Check out the full line of posters here.

Monday, August 23, 2010

shameless self promo

The Academy of Art (my now alma mater) did a very nice posting on my upcoming adventures.
I know it's a great way for them to promote the success of their design program but it somehow solidified the fact that this IS happening in my life... and fast.

The head-shot was done an hour after I woke up, hadn't brushed my hair and with the knowledge that I photograph horribly. I somehow morph into a totally different physical being in photographs, this wasn't too far off but still, who is that?! I need a professional and some make-up.

Also, I love how this article is so calm and matter of fact, unlike the real-life experience of finding a job, guess that doesn't make for motivational or promotional reading!

Anyway, here I am, in blog form.

Monday, August 9, 2010

blogging about forgetting to blog

I'm so glad this blog doesn't have feelings or it would be having some major neglect issues. I could be reported to blog-protective services agency and have my blog taken away from me because I'm an unfit blogger.

bloggity blog blog blog.

Major news for me and perhaps a good fresh clean start to a new regular blog post attempt... (hahaha) we are moving to Portland, OR!
I somehow managed to charm my way into employment, although, I would like to think it's because of my serious talent as a graphic designer and artist that sealed the deal. It's a great shop called Sockeye Creative and I will be an official graphic designer with them in September. It all started when I saw this logo:

We had been trying to plan a trip to Portland way back when and I found this great website called All of the sudden I was no longer interested in actually finding out information about going to Portland I wanted to know who designed that logo and the site!

And now, here I am. Sitting in an apartment in flux, contents of a 5 year life in california haphazardly lumped into "donate", "get rid of that crap" and "keep" piles. Leaving CA is bitter sweet because I've made some incredible friends and connections out here that I will be sad to move away from. Though, I think I've had my fill of this beautiful state. California is unlike anywhere I've ever been or lived. I've become spoiled with beautiful weather and insanely gorgeous landscapes and of course, conveniences of city-life. But, as with any place, there are some downs to the ups and as of late the downs seem to out number the ups.

So, goodbye California and watch out Portland, here I come!

Thursday, June 24, 2010


I recently requested and received an invitation to join Pinterest.
I love it when I'm sitting around thinking "man, you know what would be a great idea..." and then I do a little bit of digging and BAM somebody already thought of it. That's what Pinterest is for me, a BAM idea.

I was really wanting a site that I could just gather imagery that I liked, design, photography, whatever. Sort of like a virtual cork board... because my real cork board is full.

So I started a board, called Doodle Draw Drool. I've just made a start with it, I can imagine this is going to get out of control and I will probably have to form multiple boards to house my various likes.

Monday, June 21, 2010

seasons greetings?

Well, not quite. I mean, I guess in the stationery/card business it's that time of the year!
Which leads me to some self promo...

I have entered a design to the holiday card design challenge. My theme is "Retro Winter Wonderland". A more modern approach to the holiday season with the red/blue color palette and geometric graphics.

The great news is that my design made it through Round 1 of voting, now I need votes again to place in the Finals!! I would absolutely love to see my design being used by others for their holiday cards. Please, if you have a moment, vote for my design at!

p.s-- I have no idea who that family is or what their real names are... it was a provided photo for the competition! :)